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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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milestone and celebrate with our government partners for the link concession golden link partners building the project on the ground our yerba buena island is making significant process it's hard to see the work go caltrain is dismantling the older bridge but it is a $50 million project it is just going trooems well, i'm grateful to greg our pb construction managers this is the idea of building off-ramps of yerba buena side and the exit find the project is halfway through and has the engineering on the second set of bridges the west side bridges that follows
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the bridges being build right now on the central subway that is a $1.6 billion project 44 percent complete and, of course, last year, we sue the tunneling completed by the twin tunneling machines that was great we celebrated that by the theatre where the tunnels come out of the ground and 15i789 we statute the possibility and the feasibility of going forward two more stops to fisherman's wharf that project was released and found it was very cost effective in high performing jobs and rolled into the sfmta study through the transportation plan prioritization plan in charge the prop k denies with the transit center making a tremors transformation in our downtown on the land use side we have
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loaded over $178 million of prop k funds being the transit center itself that is below both ground construction with the new terminal slated for completion in 2018 and phased two the downtown extension of the caltrain trains with the lir leadership of our sfmta our commission supervisor yee h supervisor wiener and supervisor campos it's been happening with the supervisors land use committee we've championed this project to work together with our go j.b.d and supervisor cohen thank you for serving on the transbay joint powers authority and the blended high-speed rail project to insure we have a downtown extension that will maximum high speed rail and future caltrain on the platforms
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in terms of the caltrain early investment plans here's the train project underway the j p approved the revenue and they'll be real estate the trek indication this june and it broke ground last month i was privileged to join with state and local leaders where we saw the governor celebrate the thirty year achievement of bringing caltrain to southern california who have worked to bring high speed rail rail with the voters to california so the central valley has the first sector under construction and hopefully by the late 20/20s the entire project will be built to
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los angeles offering riders a 3 and a half round trip on high speed rail in our bay area region we're working with caltrain to bring caltrain into the train service in the near future moving to other capital projects we fund we have a robust fleet renovation and replacement muni and it has all 3 operators we're funding bart and caltrain and muni has also very important radio replacement and communications project we've been funding and they moved into the transportation management center located in our building at market street this past year and in terms of the transparency and accountability of our operations i want to thank our deputy for finance cynthia for another 11 years in a row she also and her team led the
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improvements to sf come to make sure that members of the public can go to my and let's us know if there's not an improvement you want us to look at the grants management prlt added consortiums and the sponsoring agency to go paper less and along a new impressed in a fancy way to help us become for efficient and in terms of our procurement policies i'm pleased we have a strong be l.b. that n e and for a contract ending during a fiscal year 2013-2014
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we say a perform of 24 percent by the dbi will i lbe and 24 by f e firms that's to the credit of our finance team and our capital project team that continues the outreach to the community to increase their performance and participation in our program finally, i wanted to saw i sigh a big thank you to supervisor avalos and for the past two years your support and continuance guidance helped us to be fiscal and robust to the staff and community and to the partner agencies and the community at large thank you so much for your support we also want to thank. >> citizens advisory committee that was chaired by glen davis and finally the transportation authority staff thank you very, very much for supporting our
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program and we look forward to the coming year thank you. >> happen to take questions. >> great. thank you very much ms. chang colleagues questions or comments on item 14 in this case we'll on it up for public comment. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos commissioner christensen supervisor cohen supervisor farrell absent. >> supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor scott wiener supervisor yee this item passes. >> this item passes okay
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i'm wondering should we call items 15 and 16 before we go into closed session or anyway? so why call item 15 >> introduction of new items this is an information item. >> colleagues new items okay public comment oh any i'll see. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you, thank you mr. chair district 10 e 10 as a significant challenge i know my protective aid has been in touch with the staff while we've done a significant amateur of work my ielgdz i have a cold so i'm really. >> you and the rest of the world. >> we've done a significant
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amount of work the planning department and mta as well as other city departments for the transportation in potrero hill and visitacion valley i'm going to be requesting a strategic analysis report for the rest of the city and an important i'd like to also look at in the east west travel from the mission 16th and mission bart station to the mission bay neighborhood dog patch neighborhood as well as overall cocaine activity to the southwest community i want to look at developing a scope of work for this study and also want to thank supervisor tang for inspiring me. >> knew supervisor cohen. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i'm actually very interested if that work as
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well i didn't quite hear it by the lady the connectivity excludes visitacion valley and balboa park. >> no, i didn't mention that but i think your surely right. >> there's a lot of westward movements visitacion valley and ultimately looking at bus rider transit for geneva avenue that connects it to balboa park and other places it is important to look at the bus rapid transit on light rail on give me boulevard that will help visitacion valley. >> supervisor scott wiener. >> i'd like to talk about those suggestions when we go over the scope. >> okay any additional new items great any public comment on item 15 seeing none, public comment is closed.
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item 167 and item 16 public comment. >> is there any general public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed okay. at this point mr. clerk if you'll call items 12 and 13 and move into closed session. >> item 12 public and employee outbursts and the next is the executive director through september 30th action items. >> do we need a motion to go into closed session so there council? yes, a motion okay. is there a motion by supervisor mar or commissioner mar to go into closed session a second by supervisor campos and colleagues kaksz
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session. >> okay. we're going back in open session thank you to the public for your proficiency no action agrees were taken in closed session so, now items 12 and 13 have already been called we'll take a vote together great so if we can please call the roll obtain items 12 and 13 i'm sorry public comment on items 12 or 13 seeing none, public comment is closed now we'll call the roll. >> on 12 and 13. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos commissioner christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell absent supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang
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supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> this item passes we've already been called items 15 and 16 and before we adjourn i want to thank sfgovtv for broadcasting today's meeting specifically charles and noejz and we're adjourned thank you
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. >> all right. good morning everyone. how about a big hand for our dancers? i can't hear you. [cheers and applause] yeah, give it up to them as they head back to the hilton. let me begin by thanking all of you for coming out today. it's such a beautiful day in chinatown, is it not? i see larry excited to go clean. first of all i want thank all of you for coming
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out. it's very important and from our department, the department of public works. we are so excited that you guys have come out today to join hands with us to keep our city clean and green, and every year for the chinese new year we always hear and the chamber of commerce and all of the chinese organizations here always work with us to make sure that they bring a lot of people out to help us clean the community so thank you everyone. all right. also earlier this morning our agency has been all over chinatown preparing for the chinese new year's festivities. there are so many events and chinatown is the mag nent of bringing tourists into san francisco and we have to do our part and there is no way that
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our agent or rec and park or all of the agencies together and get the city cleaned and your extra hands are very much appreciated so give yourself a hand for coming out and keeping our community clean. [applause] i am going to introduce someone who i call a cheerleader of neighborhoods and someone that taking care of neighborhoods has been his priorities, and also former director of public works but now our mayor ed lee. please welcome him. >> thank you muhammad. good morning everyone. i want to thank muhammad and the entire dpw crew. you know muhammad he's going to be the grand marshal this year at the parade. all right. i can just visualize him. he will say he doesn't have to piece a garbage up
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because he's the grand marshal and i want to thank you for can i -- kicking off the chinese new year and valentines day. muhammad where is my flowers? >> [inaudible] >> i want to say thank you to all of the community groups that are working together with our departments to make sure that our neighborhood here, not only chinatown, the entire district is clean, ready for not only valentines year and the new years and there is going to be a lot of celebration. today we have the flower mart and you will see people buying all of the symbols of happiness of welcoming in the new year. i want to give a hearty thanks to
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the chinese chamber of commerce who are here today. thank you very much. [applause] eddy raise your hand. i see a lot of the chamber members here and i wanted to thank the chinese benevolent association who are here and thank you to all of the departments here represented. how about a hearty hand for these department ?ses yeah and we have our special guest that are performing all day long. they're going to remind everybody not to trash the place, make sure all of the tourists and people coming from neighborhoods enjoy the great few weeks coming up. make sure they are also keeping the neighborhood clean. i want to congratulate again introduce our new direct supervisor julie
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christensen for being here and the hilton and a big sponsor of these teams and always here and making sure the youth is working together with our businesses. i had the pleasure of being able to join all of you at the different events the next few weeks. i also want to say we're working hard together with the supervisors, with our office, with the neighborhoods, not only to do more housing, but we got to keep our streets safe. today when we're cleaning the streets make sure everybody who is volunteering pays attention because dpw and all of the agencies and rec and park we're making sure anyone that drives big trucks in and out of the district whether delivering all of these goods or dog construction like they're doing on this public restroom that will be finished very soon. no matter what they're driving whether in a city vehicle or
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truck or they're delivering great goods or they're the big trucks we're training everybody to be safe. watch out for pedestrians and what i ask is that pedestrians big and small are also looking both ways and making sure they're safe. we invite a lot of people on our streets and our sidewalks. we just want to make sure the number one thing is everybody is safe. this is important to us because without your help, without your safety you have nothing else to share and we're all about sharing more prosperity in the city. we want to build more housing. we want to make sure that the low income housing is the best it can be and increase housing opportunities in the city and everyone shares in the great prosperity in the city. we want it here in chinatown and north bech as well. and how about that more house something yeah, we can work on this but during
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the holidays it's about celebrating the culture and sharing and making sure peoplend chinese folks have a long history here and we want to share it with everybody in the city and i am proud of our public works and the rest of the city departments joining the volunteers. have a safe day today. this is the 19th year? 15. wow 15 years of cleaning. i know muhammad has all of these statistics and we got rid of the graffiti on the street and i know it because i did them myself and the traffic and the light polls and i want to thank all of the crews and making sure you're safe out there and great appreciation for everyone. i see you out here, the wonderful
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agencies. there are so many of you and i know muhammad is going to go through the entire list, but yes let's keep volunteering. let's keep asking people to make sure that they respect our communities and let's keep the district clean. this is a welcoming in of the entire year of the ram and let's ram through a wonderful year for everybody. thank you very much. [applause] >> all right. give our mayor another big hand please. so i know you noticed these three guys out here and i know you know what they represent. does everybody know what they represent? who is the green? >> [inaudible] >> comp post. who is the black? >> [inaudible] >> all right. who is the blue? >> [inaudible] >> recycle. okay. so i want to thank our partner for the clean team, but also leading the
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nation in this rheology and has been instrumental in making sure that all the stuff that we try to get rid of it goes to the right place and reused and by their leadership san francisco has been able to increase its rate almost up to 80% now. 80%, so we have to go that 20% and that 20% is the hardest to get to, and so you see these guys out here and they're here to remind you to recycle and put it in the right place. all right. give them a hand please. [applause] as we go from district to district it's always our honor for us to ask the supervisor of the district to come up and say a few words and i know julie has been involved in many, many community projects around chinatown, but as a supervisor
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for the district this is her first clean team so please welcome her. julie christensen. >> good morning. good morning. as the supervisor it's a special day for me. it's new years. i love the custom of starting new years clean and fresh. it's also valentines which is about love and i think we all love chinatown when we clean and fresh, so today we're grateful to you for helping with that. my job as supervisor is to act on your behalf to thank people who have made a special effort to make today a success so i don't think we can thank muhammad enough for all that he does for district 3 and chinatown. let's give him a big round of applause. [applause] and our mayor of course who
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keeps a special eye out for chinatown. thank you mr. mayor. [applause] and all the representatives of our city departments, especially phil ginsberg who keeps the park nice and we're starting on a new project to keep it nicer. thank you. and to rose pack and all of the members of the community who work hard everyday and not just special days that make chinatown a wonderful place to live. thank you to all of the communities, so as supervisor we turn our thanks into certificates of appreciation, and so this is just a physical way to let people know that we're really grateful for what they do. there are groups that participated today especially on behalf of the community i would like to thank the chinese chamber of commerce for their participation today. is eddy
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here? eddy thank you very much on behalf of the community. thank you. [applause] eddy, you get two. and let's see do we have a representative of pinuen here? anybody here? you're going to get two norman. you just stay right there because there is one here with your name on it. we're out of order now. here we go. chinatown community development center, reverend norman fong. thank you norman. [applause] and do we have cyc here? our community youth center. who is here from cyc? the ambassador program, all of the things that they do. thank you very much. and then so thank you to all of the community members. thank you. thank you, thank you.
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[applause] and then we have our community business partners in this. they contribute in so many ways both financial and support. today we have doris from the hilton here. thank you doris for what the hilton is doing for this event. [applause] can you hold all of that? thank you. and then today we have a special thank you to walgreens. do we have anthony stewart and shirlee from walgreens. are they here? >> [inaudible] >> it's great. we give them a certificate and we get a check. what a good deal that is, but thank you to walgreens for their support. okay. so that's the end of my job. you guys are going to start yours. thank you so much for your help today and
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for what you're doing for the community. i will turn it back to muhammad. >> all right julie thank you very much. as you know nothing happens in chinatown without the chinese chamber of commerce and with the clean up events the first stop public works makes is to the chamber so that we can get a list of all the things that people are concerned about, but even more than that when i started by work with the city at the public works department the chamber was able to take me to go all over china to be able to see how they keep their cities clean, and as a result of that we have learned a lot from china, but also europe and other countries on what it takes to keep a city clean and all those ideas, some worked well in san francisco and helped our department get to where it is. i am the first to admit we're not where we want to be but we're almost there and on our way so with that said please welcome rose park from the
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chinese chamber of commerce. >> good morning. i can't believe it's only 15 years because the mayor mentioned 18, 19 years. that's how long i felt it has been. i remember the first time we do the clean up i had to raise the money to buy the gloves, to buy the brooms, to buy the dust bin and we clear out all of the suppliers in chinatown and then muhammad told me the gloves were not industrial gloves and the needles can pick through them or whatever so we learned as we went along and then the mayor got walgreens and also hilton -- then holiday inn to get involved so i didn't have to raise all of the money. then we embarked on the clean toilet program where
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our members went and painted owl of the -- and remodeled all of the bathrooms in chinatown for all of the restaurants so we could offer the facilities to the tourists, so we came a long way. the only thing that i feel we still need to do is for the city to think of a way to deputize a lot of us so every time we see somebody littering the street we can write them a citation. if i see somebody spit on the sidewalk i issue them a citation, and let me tell you people throwing cigarette butts around we give them a citation. honesty that's what we needed, and then i do have a book from the police department, but since ed became mayor i didn't want to use it and acc


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